Powering our Careers Page with Notion

Super proud of our new careers page built with Notion + Super :)

We recently published our careers page at careers.rapchat.me:

I wanted to share a quick snippet on how we did it since a few people have asked. It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. Create a page in Notion (if you’re not using Notion you’re definitely missing out imo - we’ve found it to be an integral part of our “operating system” but that’s a whole different post) … also if you want to “duplicate” ours as a template just ping me and I’ll send ya one

  2. Sign up for Super - https://super.so - go through their onboarding and ultimately connect it at a subdomain like careers.company.com or wherever you want to host it

  3. Share it! - you’re done, the great thing about super is you can also easily just update the notion page whenever and it’ll automatically update the public facing page

You’ll notice under one of our postings the “How to Apply” section where we actually send them to another careers page hosted by BreezyHR. Once they apply via BreezyHR then they’re officially in our system which makes it much easier to organize the applicants. Note - we went with Breezy mainly due to cost and simplicity but pretty sure any ATS will work too.

I’m also really proud of is the benefits we published alongside the job postings. I have to give a huge shoutout to our COO JJ Oslund for setting all this up.

Hope this helps and here’s a sneak peek of a more posts coming in the future:

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  • Powering company operating systems with Notion

  • the Product Market Fit Engine

  • the Little Things: Swag Boxes

  • Hiring a COO

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Thanks for reading ❤️